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  • What are the dimensions of a typical Pickleball Court?
    60ft x 30ft
  • What are the dimensions of a typical Tennis Court?
    60ft x 120ft
  • What are my color options?
    You can mix and match any two colors. Additional colors are extra cost.
  • What climate temperature do I eed to surface my court?
    70 and rising with not lower than 40
  • How long do we need to wait for the court to be surfaced after the concrete is poured?
    about 28 days cure time.
  • Are there financial options?
    yes we do work with mutiple financial assistance providers that will be happy to help.
  • What are the pros and cons of post tension?
    Pros: Post tension adds value and protects your long-term investment by providing the ability to span across unstable soils, an increase resistnace to cracks and maintenance. The ability to place an entire court without any intervening joints of any kind and a more controlled slope for drainage and better uniformity and predictablity of play. Your surface point last 4 to 5 times longer than a normal court saving you thousands upon thousands of dollars. Cons: It does come with a higher price point

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